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Help Us Donate Beds to Children in Need

Some of the most peaceful moments for a parent is when all is quiet and their child has just fallen asleep. It can be a moment of both tranquility and pride as they imagine the future accomplishments that lie ahead. But what if you had to see your child fall asleep on the floor every night? Unfortunately, that is reality for over twenty thousand children in Houston alone.

Sleep is a crucial aspect of a child’s life. Quality sleep plays an important role in their body’s development, emotional well-being, social skills, and performance at school. It is little wonder that the Houston Children’s Charity, one of Houston’s leading advocates for children in need, has developed a program to address this problem. Their Better Night’s Sleep program provides hundreds of beds for children each month with a total of 6,500 to date.

Last year, we teamed up with the Houston Children’s Charity to help them with this cause. With the assistance of our customers, we were able to donate a significant portion of the beds they distributed, helping them reach their annual goal. In fact, we were able to exceed our donation goal by over 50% last year! This year we are continuing our efforts and want to do even better.

Sept 14th – Nov 1st: Buy a mattress for $500 or more & Texas Mattress Makers will donate a bed to the Houston Children’s Charity’s Better Night’s Sleep program.