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6th Annual One For One Bed Event

October 10, 2019  ·  3 min read

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This year is our 6th annual #OneForOneBed Event which means for the entire month of October, every mattress purchase of $500+ will = 1 bed donated for a Houston child in need! Having a mattress is not a luxury but it is a necessity and we want to make sure that every child has one so that they can dream big and live a better life. Will you help us give back?

About The #OneForOneBed Event

We started this campaign with Houston Children’s Charity after learning that every month there is an on-going waitlist of children, right here in Houston, that need a bed. We at Texas Mattress Makers are in the business of helping Houstonians get their best night’s sleep! So to hear that so many children in our community don’t even have a bed to sleep in at night was heart-wrenching.  We knew that we wanted to be a part of making sure that every child had a bed that they could call their own to sleep in. So we teamed up with Houston Children’s Charity’s A Better Night’s Sleep program to make a difference!

How You Can Help

  1. Make your Mattress Purchase Matter! Spend $500+ on a mattress for you and we will donate a mattress for a child in need.  Valid the for all of October.
  2. Share this campaign with your friends and social network! You may not be in the market to buy a mattress but you may know someone who is.  Sharing our social posts, this blog post or our commercial with your friends and on your social platforms will help us further this cause!
  3. Donate directly to Houston Children’s Charity’s A Better Night’s Sleep Program. For $100 you can donate a bed for a child in need.  That includes a mattress, boxspring, bed frame, linens, and a pillow.
  4. Share the program with people who are in need. We are not just advocating for people to support this program, but for those who are in need as well. Applications and eligibility can be found on Houston Children’s Charity’s website.
  5. Sign up to volunteer at monthly bed distributions that happen at our East Downtown Showroom & Factory location.

Why It Matters

  • Over 27,000 children have received a bed through Houston Children’s Charity’s A Better Night’s Sleep program since 2007.
  • Recipients receive a mattress, boxspring, frame, sheets, blanket and a pillow.
  • An estimated 20,000 kids go without a bed each night in the Greater Houston Area.
  • Sleep is essential to a child’s health and growth. Research has found that children with deficient levels of growth hormone slept less deeply than the average child. Sound sleepers are less likely to be overweight, and reported illnesses declined with longer nightly sleep.
  • Scholastic performance is also affected dramatically by sleep. Research has shown that adding as little as 27 minutes of extra sleep per night makes it easier for children to manage their moods and impulses so they can focus on schoolwork.

Help us make Houston a better place by helping our local children live a better life and dream big!


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If you would like to apply for a donation, please visit Houston Children’s Charity website here for an application.

If you have already applied and have any questions regarding your application, please contact Houston Children’s Charity directly. Texas Mattress Makers is not involved in the selection process.


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