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Sleep Tips


Tips to Know Before Buying a Mattress

Better Sleep Blog

Stay up to date with the most recent tips on how to improve sleep and buy the best mattress for you

Our Guides:

  • How to Buy a Mattress

    What size mattress should I buy? How much should I spend? Which mattress type is right for me? Everything you should know before you buy a mattress.

  • Mattress Features

    What features are offered by Texas Mattress Makers mattresses? 

  • Mattress Types

    What is the difference between a spring and pocketed coil mattress? What is a latex mattress and how does it feel? Learn the different mattress types, how they feel, and the benefits they offer.

  • More About Our Collections

    What is the difference between each mattress collection? Does Texas Mattress Makers make a luxury mattress collection? Learn about each mattress colleciton we offer and find the right collection to suit your sleep needs.

  • Normal Body Impressions vs Mattress Sag

    What is the difference between mattress sag and a body impression? Is it normal for my mattress to sag? How can I measure a dip in my mattress?

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