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Our Story


The beginning of Texas Mattress Makers

Our story began over 25 years ago when Youval Meicler, a twenty-one year old from Israel, approached the owner of a furniture upholstery business in Houston and asked for a job. The owner asked, “Do you like to drive?” proceeded to hand him a broom and instructed him to “Drive this across the warehouse until I say stop.”

Youval spent the next three months sweeping the warehouse and the following six years working in various departments – cutting wood in the mill room, building frames in the assembly department, the cutting and sewing room, the shipping department, driving delivery trucks, and selling in the field. He approached each task with the same commitment, believing that dedication would ultimately result in success. Six years after taking the broom he was promoted to Production Manager, then General Manager and finally President of the company.

Noah’s Manufacturing

In 1989 Youval, who originally just wanted a job, now began creating his own product line of mattresses which would reflect his personal standards of quality and expertise. He founded Noah’s Manufacturing, naming his first company after the Hebrew word “Noah” meaning “comfort.” The factory is still located near the heart of downtown in Houston, Texas today.

Youval found success once more to be a matter of approach and mentality. He developed a simple yet effective business model: combine old world craftsmanship with innovative design to create the best product at an affordable price. Additionally, he firmly believed in treating his customers with fairness and honesty and continues to expect the same of each person he employs.

While other manufacturers have chosen to forfeit quality for quantity, Noah’s Manufacturing continues to innovate and improve while maintaining superior expertise and optimal value. The new generation of manufacturers cut corners in production whenever possible in order to minimize costs and optimize profit. From choosing to buy lesser quality materials abroad or using cheaper building techniques, their methods sacrifice quality.

Noah’s Manufacturing however, continues to purchase materials exclusively from US based companies and build high quality American made products with no outsourced labor. We emphasize cost effective production practices rather than methods that compromise the quality, a practice which leads to the superiority of our products.

Texas Mattress Makers

By the fall of 2010 Youval’s mattresses were in hundreds of stores across the world. After working with mattress retailers for over twenty years he began to notice an alarming trend. He became aware that his customers – the retailers who purchased his product to sell to the public – were more concentrated on profit than consumer value. Anticipated returns were the selling point for his products rather than quality. This concern later developed into the idea to begin offering quality, value added products directly to the public at factory direct pricing and in 2011 Texas Mattress Makers was born.

Texas Mattress Makers is now the major staple in Houston for those looking for the best mattress they can afford and a candid selection experience. Customers can expect the mattress they select to be sold for its value-added merits and guaranteed sleep benefits rather than the name on the tag or number of the price. Information regarding the anticipated life span and material specifications are all readily available and open for discussion.

Other mattress retailers might claim to be experts in their field but instead what you will find is people skilled in marketing and selling for a profit. At Texas Mattress Makers, we are experts in the art of making mattresses and knowing which mattresses best fit for our customers. We don’t do business like a major retailer because we don’t want to be a major retailer. We want to be the best.

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