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Our Mattress Collections


Mattress Collections Designed to Meet Your Sleep Needs

Every mattress we make is handcrafted by people from your own community. Our collections are composed to meet every sleep need and budget. We constantly hone our craft to produce the best quality product at the lowest prices. Experience the benefits of buying direct from a manufacturer inspired by the people who sleep on them. We design with you in mind.

Sereni Sleep Mattress Collection

Sereni Sleep® Collection
The Sereni Sleep collection offers a selection of mattresses designed to deliver quality and comfort within an affordable price range. We utilize various support and comfort layers to ensure that every sleeping need is met.


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Sereni Sleep Deluxe Mattress Collection

Sereni Sleep® Deluxe Collection
The Sereni Sleep Deluxe collection redefines the standard of quality sleep. Every mattress layer contributes to a design sculpted to address a specific set of comfort and support needs. The VertiCoil Innerspring System will revolutionize your opinion of innerspring mattresses with a higher than average coil count* boosted by Active Support Technology, enabling it to respond instantly to your unique body shape. Not to be outdone, our pocketed coil systems offer luxurious motion isolating comfort and are stress-relieved for lasting resiliency. Enjoy the benefits of high quality features such as the Softech Micro Pocketed Coil Topper and gel infused memory foam. The Sereni Sleep Deluxe collection will meet and exceed expectations for any sleeping need!

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Sereni Sleep Select Mattress Collection

Sereni Sleep® Select
The newest collection in our line up, the Sereni Sleep Select collection boasts the highest degree of lasting quality and luxurious comfort. Each design is composed of hand selected materials. You will find revolutionized classics such as comfort zone arranged pocketed coils as well as the most innovative breakthroughs in sleep technology such as SomniGel, a material constructed of hollow columns of solid gel. This selection of top of the line features provides optimal sleep benefits designed to endure. Sleep with peace of mind knowing that your new Sereni Sleep Select mattress will feel as comfortable at home as it did in the showroom even after years of use.

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Sereni Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Collection

Sereni Sleep® Memory Foam
Our Sereni Sleep Memory Foam collection is designed to offer a selection of memory foam mattresses for every comfort level and price range. Each design features a high density foam core and varying layers of viscoelastic memory foam layers to provide optimal posturizing support and conforming personal comfort. Find relief from pressure as our memory foam mattress fills into your specific body shape, promoting blood circulation and preventing tossing and turning throughout the night.

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*21% higher than average coil count when comparing queen mattresses


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