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Mattress Types



  • What it is: Innerspring mattresses incorporate a coil spring unit.
  • How it feels: Innerspring mattresses can have a variety of feels depending on how the mattress is constructed but it most notably offers a surface sleep with minimal body conformation and a bounce back responsiveness to pressure.
  • Benefits:
    • Highly resilient – Springs are elastic and will recover quickly with different amounts of "force" behind them to return to their original shape.
    • Cooler sleep – Innerspring mattresses have an open structure which prevents heat buildup, enabling them to sleep 28% cooler than foam. (Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research)
  • Texas Mattress Makers Innerspring Advantages:

    VertiCoil® Innerspring
  • 21% more coils than the industry standard
    (when comparing queen mattresses)
  • Increased coil count offers more surface coverage and better support
  • Coils designed with Active Support Technology® adjust instantly to sleep movements, allowing muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position
  • Specially designed larger-head, open-offset coil promotes proper spinal support
  • Coils are made from upcycled steel
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Pocketed Coil

  • What it is: Pocketed coil spring units are made up of fabric encased coils. This separation enables each coil to respond individually to pressure, making it an ideal support system.
  • How it feels: Pocketed Coil mattresses offer high responsiveness and increased body contouring.
  • Benefits:
    • Body contour – The individual response to pressure offered by pocketed coils also permits the mattress to conform to the contours of your body, providing optimal posturizing support.
    • Optimal support – Pocketed coil units are resilient and can support any body shape or size.
    • Minimal partner disturbance – The separate encasement of each spring in a pocketed coil unit causes each coil to respond individually to pressure, effectively limiting motion transfer.
    • Lasting quality & durability – A pocketed coil unit, as well as the coils which compose it, maintains its designed form over time, creating a more durable and longer lasting sleep surface.
    • Highly resilient – The springs inside each pocketed coil will recover quickly (based on the amount of pressure applied) with different amounts of "force" behind them which enables easier position changes.
    • Cooler sleep – Air goes in and out with little to no resistance in either direction, creating a cooler more breathable sleep surface.
  • Recommendations: Due to the variety of feels and unparalleled support, pocketed coil mattresses are an excellent candidate for almost anyone.
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  • Texas Mattress Makers Advantages:

    The Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coil Unit
    • Nearly 200% more coils than leading entry level mattresses
    • Weight is distributed across more coils, enabling better spine alignment
    • A smaller, more flexible coil increases responsive areas and minimizes pressure points, providing superior comfort
    • Each coil features Fine Wire Technologytm which incorporates high tensile, stress relieved fine wire for lasting resiliency
    • Highly resilient coils limit sleep impression and wear over time
    • Weight is distributed across more coils, enabling better spine alignment
    • Coils are made from upcycled steel

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    The Softech™ Pocketed Coil Topper
    • Specifically designed to place the posturizing support of pocketed coils into the upper comfort layers of a mattress through the use of micro coils
    • A smaller coil size creates a bouncy yet luxuriously soft feel
    • Coils are made from upcycled steel
    • Offers all the sleep benefits of the Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coil Unit

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Visco Elastic Memory Foam

  • What it is: Memory foam is a synthetic material originally developed by NASA to meet their need for protective foam which offered high energy absorption upon impact as well as soft characteristics. Memory foam continues to outperform every other foam alternative with its superior combination of softness and stability.
  • How it feels: Memory foam may feel firm at first but as you continue to rest on a memory foam mattress it will glove to your body and almost seem to melt into a softly cushioned cloud. Many people liken the sensation to floating because the material cradles your body evenly.
  • Benefits:
    • Posturizing support – Body heat relaxes memory foam, causing it to become softer in areas of higher heat. Because areas which come into contact with your body tend to be hotter, memory foam becomes softer the closer it is to your body and firmer as it is further away. This quality creates a cradle like effect as the mattress fills into the contours of the body, distributing and relieving pressure.
    • Adjustable foundation compatibility – Adjustable foundations are beneficial to people who suffer from a variety of ailments from back pains and physical soreness to insomnia. Only memory foam mattresses are compatible with adjustable foundations as innersprings and even pocketed coils will compress each other internally which compromises the support unit of the mattress.
    • Minimal partner disturbance – Memory foam absorbs energy and responds locally to movement which isolates surface movement more effectively than many other materials.
  • Recommendations: Memory foam offers several qualities which are unlike those of any other mattress material. However, the beneficial attributes can cause issues for some. Memory foam is not recommended for those who have a very high weight or body density or for those who tend to run hot during the night. Additionally, memory foam has a slower response time than an innerspring mattress which prevents it from pushing up quickly, enabling easier position change. This may also cause difficulty during intimate activities. These concerns aside, memory foam remains an excellent option for those who appreciate the unique figure conforming sleep experience. It is also often the best option for sufferers of back pain or other types of soreness due to its extreme posturizing abilities and pressure relieving qualities.
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  • Texas Mattress Makers Advantages: Memory foam is subject to many different formulas in its manufacturing by different companies which changes its qualities and has resulted in a varied reputation. Texas Mattress Makers uses high quality foam and offers mattresses designed to take advantage of the best qualities offered by the material.

    Solid Memory Foam
    • Higher quality and more expensive to produce than the convoluted foam used in the leading memory foam mattress brand
    • Even layers don't have the "valleys and hills" of convoluted foam, lowering the likelihood of bumps and other surface irregularities
    • Layers last longer and wear more evenly
    • Designed to limit sleep impression
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  • What it is: SomniGel™ is the latest innovation in sleep technology and features a unique design of hollow columns constructed of pure gel. It is scientifically engineered to provide optimal pressure relief and support while enabling airflow for cool, consistent sleep.

  • How It Feels: With a contact sleeping surface comprised of 22% soothing gel and 78% open air, SomniGel doesn't push back when laid on. Self-reinforcing gel conforms to the body for total support.

  • Benefits:

    • Posturizing Support - Columns buckle as weight is applied, redistributing the weight to surrounding columns and relieving pressure hotspots such as hips and shoulders

    • Cooler Sleep - Hollow columns allow air to flow easily which transfers heat away from you and the sleeping surface better than memory foam, providing a cooler, more restful sleep

    • Lasting Quality – Specifically designed to retain its firmness over time and will not take a body impression

    • Healthy Sleep Material - Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, and free of byproducts

  • Recommendations: SomniGel is recommended for those who prefer a cooler sleep surface.

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Talalay Latex

  • What it is: Talalay Latex is an innovative material which uses material from rubber trees. It offers the same pressure relief as memory foam with an enhanced ability to provide support and just the right amount of bounciness to provide the push back to enable easier surface movement. Its rubber cell structure lifts your body and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for body heat which creates a cooler and more restful sleep.

  • How It Feels: Latex feels slightly bouncy and conforms to body contours without losing buoyancy.

  • Benefits:

    • Unique Feel - Gently lifts your body for a light & buoyant experience

    • Lasting Quality - Rubber cell structure prevents collapse and body impression formation

    • Posturizing Support - Conforms and moves with your body, providing postural support and exceptional muscle relief for every sleeping position

    • Cooler Sleep - Air flows through the rubber cell structure easily, providing a cooler sleep surface

    • Healthy Sleep Material - Hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold & mildew proof

  • Recommendations: Talalay Latex offers enhanced pressure relief, making it an excellent option for a variety of sleepers including those suffering from aches and pains.

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  • What it is: A true hybrid mattress combines innerspring or pocketed coils and foam, providing the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of foam while pocketed coils offset some of the challenges presented by the qualities of foam. This combination offers unparalleled versatility in support and comfort.
  • How it feels: Hybrid mattresses differ in feel due to the combination of materials involved in the construction, offering a variety of feels, support, and comfort.v
  • Benefits:
    • Offers the best benefits of both materials – Hybrid mattresses offer the support and give of a pocketed coil mattress while offering enveloping pressure relieving softness. Hybrid mattresses provide a cooler sleep surface than a solid memory foam mattress.
  • Recommendations: If you enjoy the feel of a memory foam mattress but want to avoid some of the concerns, a hybrid mattress may be the best option.
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