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Mattress Design Features


Mattresses Designed to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Designer Mattress

Most mattresses are made and designed by manufacturers to be sold by a 3rd party retailer. At Texas Mattress Makers we make our own line of mattresses. Our collections are inspired by you, our customer, not projected profits.

Quality Mattress Design:

  • As the manufacturer, we maintain direct control of our mattress quality
  • We keep up with the latest industry innovations
  • We are able to change our mattress designs swiftly to meet changing demands
  • All changes are value added innovations and are not done to remarket the product

While most manufacturers are busy trying to think up new ways to alter their mattress designs so they can sell it as a “new” model we are busy innovating. Our sales staff is familiar with mattress materials and the manufacturing process. They actively keep up with the needs of our customers and have a direct impact on our mattress designs. The result is the perfect line up of mattresses, all constructed to meet the specific needs of each body type and budget. Don’t buy a boardroom mattress. Buy a mattress designed for the people who sleep on them.

VertiCoil® & VertiCoil® Edge™ Innerspring Systems

Experience the sleep quality provided by a uniquely supportive VertiCoil and VertiCoil Edge Innerspring Systems.

  • innerspring mattress posture alignment

    *when comparing queen mattresses

  • Increased coil count offers more surface coverage and better support while the larger-head, open-offset coil design promotes proper spinal alignment.

  • VertiCoil innerspring coil detail

  • Active Support Technology®  allows VertiCoil innersprings to adjust instantly to your active sleeping, causing muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position.

  • Active Support Technology
  • VertiCoil Edge innerspring systems feature alternating rows of coils which creates greater edge support.

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Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coils

This advanced micro pocketed coil system offers unrivaled support and luxurious comfort. A smaller coil diameter increases the responsive areas. Weight is distributed across more coils, enabling better spine alignment and providing the ultimate posturizing support.

  • Quantum high pocketed coil count detail

    *when compared to entry level foam encased coil mattresses

  • coil count comparison chart
Quantum coil support diagram
  • Fine Wire Technology coil detail
  • Coils that can last a lifetime The Quantum pocketed coil spring unit features Fine Wire Technology™. This new development harnesses the potential of fine wire to create durable yet highly responsive coils, optimizing comfort and limiting sleep impression and mattress wear.

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QuadCoil Pocketed Coils

    • quad-coil-system.png
    • The advanced QuadCoil pocketed coil system offers a high coil count for maximum support. These highly responsive coils individually conform to the contours of the body, providing optimal posturizing support. Pocketed coils enable air to breathe and flow in and out, providing a cooler surface for more restful sleep. The QuadCoil design is unique with four coils banded together by the center seam, ensuring no leaning coils! This keeps the springs upright for maximum resilience and creates lasting comfort to ensure a better night’s sleep. 

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Serene Foam

    • serene-foam-thumbnail.jpg
    • Serene Foam fills into the contours of the body to provide enhanced support similar to memory foam but is not sensitive to temperature. It is engineered to have billions of microscopic air capsules which creates a path for air to flow in and out. This enables cooler air to enter into the mattress and permits warm air to escape, creating a cooler sleep surface for more restful sleep. 

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Softech™ Micro Pocketed Coil Topper

With a smaller coil diameter and Fine Wire Technology, the Softech Micro Pocketed Coil Topper offers the same benefits of the Quantum Micro Pocketed Coil unit.

    • Softech pocketed coil topper detail
    • The Softech Micro Pocketed Coil Topper is specifically designed to place the posturizing support of pocketed coils into the upper comfort layers of a mattress and features a slightly bouncy yet incredibly soft and luxurious feel.

      *Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research

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Solid Memory Foam vs. Convoluted Memory Foam

Unlike the leading brand of memory foam mattresses, Texas Mattress Makers does not use convoluted memory foam in the support areas of the mattress. The result is a higher quality mattress with a factory direct price.

Memory Foam Comparison

Solid Memory Foam vs Convoluted Memory Foam
*When compared to the leading brand memory foam mattresses

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Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex is an innovative material which uses material from rubber trees. It offers the same pressure relief as memory foam with an enhanced ability to provide support and just the right amount of bounciness to provide the push back to enable easier surface movement. Its rubber cell structure lifts your body and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for body heat which creates a cooler and more restful sleep.

how Talalay Latex is made Talalay Latex detail
  • Gently lifts your body for a light & buoyant experience

  • Rubber cell structure prevents collapse and limits body impression

  • Conforms and moves with your body, providing postural support and exceptional muscle relief for every sleeping position

  • Rubber cell structure prevents collapse and allows air to flow through to provide a cooler sleep surface

  • Hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold & mildew proof

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Graphite Latex

Talalay Graphite Infused Latex is the only graphite infused Talalay latex in the world. Graphite infused latex provides all of the benefits of classic Talalay Latex with the added benefits of Graphite such as:

  • A luxury plush feel with enhanced strength and durability

  • Graphite wicks moisture away from the body

  • Absorbs heat released from the body to enable cooler, more restful sleep

  • The natural graphite mineral provides a char barrier

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**Stearns and Foster is a registered trademark of the Sealy Corporation
Vi-Spring is a registered trademark of Vi-Spring Limited
Simmons Beautyrest Black is a registered trademark of the Simmons Bedding Company
VertiCoil, VertiCoil Edge, and Quantum are registered trademarks of Leggett & Platt Inc.

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