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How to Buy a Mattress


  1. Determine your mattress size:

    1. Consider the size of the person. If you are buying a mattress for a youth, consider how long you want the mattress to last along with the future growth of the youth. You may find that replacing their twin with a queen is the better option. If you are tall, you may want to consider a California size which is 4” longer than a standard King or Queen. If you are really tall, Texas Mattress Makers can custom fit an elongated mattress.

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    2. Consider sleep movement and sleep positions. Couples should sleep on a bed no smaller than a Queen. If you sleep in a position which takes up a lot of space such as a starfish position, consider the amount of room you actually need before determining your size. At Texas Mattress Makers we always want you to try out a mattress in your actual sleep position. This enables you to better determine the comfort of the mattress as well as the appropriate size.

    3. Consider space restrictions. The size of the room may limit the size of your mattress. If you are going up in mattress size be sure to take measurements of the room and compare it to the size of the mattress. Note: If you are buying a bed frame consider how much additional space the bedframe will need beyond the size of the mattress itself.

  2. Determine your budget:

    1. Determine the maximum you can spend. Try not to think in terms of what you want to spend. When you go shopping you may find you do not need to spend your max in order to buy the mattress that is right for you. However, if you limit your selection to your ideal budget rather than your max budget this may eliminate mattresses which offer greater value over time. At Texas Mattress Makers we pride ourselves in being considerate of your budget. We may have you try other mattress options for comparison, but we always remain courteous. After all, our job is to relieve pressure, not apply it!

    2. Think in terms of buying a house or a car. Your mattress purchase is one of the three major purchases that you absolutely need to make every so often. You should look at your purchase as an investment which provides a valuable return over time. In this case, your new mattress should reward you with comfortable sleep. Buying a better quality mattress improves the length of use and comfort over time. At Texas Mattress Makers, our mattresses are designed to optimize value by providing the most comfortable sleep for the longest duration your budget will permit.

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  3. Get an idea of your comfort:

    1. Determine you level of firmness. You may not have the right answer to this question before shopping but getting an idea will help provide a starting point. Various factors will come into play when determining how hard or how soft your mattress should be in order to provide the level of support and comfort needed to optimize your sleep. Your age, body type, sleep position, and possible physical conditions will all come into play. Our staff is equipped with knowledge about each of these factors and capable of guiding you to the right selection.

    2. When buying a shared mattress, consider the comfort of your partner. We recommend that partners shopping for a shared mattress are both present to test the mattress.  If you and your partner have different comfort needs you may want to consider buying two twin size mattresses or ordering a custom mattress with unique comfort levels on each side. Texas Mattress Makers manufactures each mattress we sell and can create the perfect custom mattress for you and your partner!

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  4. Consider your mattress options:

    1. Research the benefits of each type. Narrowing your focus down to mattress type can also help you concentrate on the options you want to try while shopping for a mattress. Before considering what type of mattress to buy, you may want research the benefits offered by each type. The sales staff at Texas Mattress Makers is well versed in the construction and materials of each mattress and can assist you in this process as well.

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    2. Determine what qualities you want in a mattress. There are many features and design configurations to consider when buying a mattress. While other retailers sell mattresses designed to optimize profits our mattresses are designed for the people who sleep on them.

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  5. Consider your store options: Beyond choosing a store which offers the best mattress design and value, you may want to consider some additional qualities:

    1. Where are the mattresses made? All of Texas Mattress Makers mattresses are made in Houston, Texas. We are proud to offer high quality made in America mattresses!

    2. How knowledgeable is the staff? Unlike mattress retailers which buy their product from a third party manufacturer, every member of our sales staff is familiar with production process, mattress materials, and unique comfort needs. We offer a candid shopping experience which will equip you with realistic expectations of the merits of each mattress and why it is a good or bad option for you.

    3. How does my purchase affect the environment? Texas Mattress Makers makes a conscious effort to remain a low environmental impact company. We recycle every material leftover from production as well as every old mattress we haul away when the new one is delivered.

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  6. Visit Texas Mattress Makers! After reviewing our answers to the questions posed above, we are certain you will Visit Our Showroom! We make selection simple, comfortable, and educational. 

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