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Customer Appreciation


We’re thanking our customers for providing the support we need to thrive. The people of the Greater Houston Area remain our source of inspiration, motivation, and passion as we look forward to the future of Texas Mattress Makers. youval-quote.jpg


1. Making us the #1 Mattress Store in Houston on Yelp’s Best of Houston list Learn More »

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5. Reaching our sales goals in order to donate hundreds of beds to benefit the Houston Children's Charity’s A Better Night’s Sleep program for 3 consecutive years. Learn More »

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"We visited the showroom a couple of months ago when we decided our Sleep Number bed had worn out its welcome after twelve years and one upgrade.  Marco spent a lot of time with us explaining how their product was built and letting us try out many mattresses to fit our sleep habits.  Very educational.  On the way home we hit a Mattress Firm and the experience was night and day.  Very little info on the quality of the mattress other than having us look at a poster and handing me a brochure.  We left and headed home to discuss things.

Finally found time to get serious and headed back to TMM.  The owner actually took care of us.  Even though we told him we had been in and Marco did a great job with us, he took us through the procedure himself.  About an hour later, we had settled on the Florence.  I have one shoulder which has had some damage over the years and as I am a side sleeper--on both sides--it seemed to give good support with the least amount of a pressure feeling.  We wrote it up with Tax and delivery and were told it would be made and ready for delivery on Thursday and to expect a call on Wednesday to set a time.  Got the call as scheduled and they gave me a window of 11-1 pm.  I got a call about 11 and the driver said he was having trouble with my address in the GPS.  Got that straight and he said he would be there in 16-19 minutes.  He was.  Very courteous men and they did have the booties for their shoes.  Made the wife happy!  From start to finish was less than 25 minutes.  I had disassembled my old bed so that helped.  Job well done by both men and they were appreciative of the water bottles I offered them for the road.  

All in all, from the nice showroom to the sales experience to the delivery and set up, a first class outfit and I am glad I was able to spend my money with a local company that is involved in our city in many ways.  Shop all the other places but be sure you give Texas Mattress Makers a shot at your business." - Chuck C.



"Very happy with my Madrid Firm mattress.  I tried the online route but it turned out to be a huge hassle.  I guess I have a different taste than others because I like a very firm mattress  and most mattresses are way too soft for my taste.  The Madrid Firm was firm enough but the pocket coils give really good pressure relief so I do not wake up sore.  If you love a firm mattress than I highly recommend the Madrid Firm from TMM.  Great price and customer service.  It's nice to support a local Houston company as well." - Nunya B.



"Where to start. My husband and I were looking for a mattress for my parents guest room so we would have somewhere to stay when we visited. I wanted to find a decent mattress but since it would be for a guest room in someone else's house I was not looking to spend a lot of money. We started with a trip to one of the big mattress places you find in every strip center and they wanted $700 or more for a standard queen mattress. Then you would add tax and delivery pushing us over $800. Not to mention their salespeople that tried to push us into spending $1500 even after I explained that this thing was not even going in MY house. Crazy.

Looking for alternative options I saw Texas Mattress Makers here on Yelp. Their positive reviews almost seemed too good to be true but we thought it was worth a try. When we got there we were greeted by a nice salesperson and told him our goal. He immediately pointed us to 2 models, one at $250 and one at $350 for a queen. We tried these and they were surprisingly both comfortable! At the chain mattress place anything under $300 was a mattress for a cot, about 2 inches think and full of just foam. The mattresses at TMM were actually a good mattress at this price. It blew us away. The salesman, instead of oddly standing around watching me lay on a bed, excused himself and said if we had any questions to let us know, but to feel free to try both of them repeatedly to make sure we felt good about the choice.

After about 15 min of me going back and forth we ended up purchasing the $350 model. When we went to pay the salesman indicated they were out of this model and my heart sunk thinking it would be weeks and weeks before it was ready. Nope! They quoted us 4 days! We took delivery a week later as that is what worked best for our schedule and we have been very happy with it so far.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Their product is great, they manufacture in Texas right across the street from their showroom and their customer service is no pressure.

I know people are used to having to go to the chain mattress places (which are all pretty much owned by the same company) or to a department store but I hope people give this place a chance. They are at very least deserving of a visit if you are on the hut for a new mattress." - Ali W.



"Stopped by Saturday with wire and 2 young uns in tow. My toddler was in the midst of a major terrible two tantrum but the salesman knew how to help. While explaining coil size and so much more, he took us through the manufacturing area since the workers weren't there. He then took off a fine spring set that he explained to us and asked us to lay on it. Springs alone would have been fantastic! Then he encouraged the kids to jump and away they went jumping like on a trampoline. It also serves to demonstrate the strength and confidence he had in the springs. Impressive and I don't impress easily. He worked with us for a price that easily beat competitors and mattress would be custom made. We were sold on the spot. He wasn't pushy. He was patient. And he was fair. Best of all, our daughters loved him! Product is all locally made in Texas so dollars are staying local. I have no regrets!" - Don H.



"So I needed mattresses for my son's room and although I am very pleased with my previous purchase from Texas Mattress Makers, I was in a time crunch and decided to just go to a national brand mattress store near my house for convenience.  You know that they all sound like used car salesman right?  Anywho, I was in there for 20 minutes and I decided I would just make the drive to TMM.  It was 4:30 PM on a Saturday.  I made the drive, got there about 5:15 PM and had made my decision and purchase by 5:30 PM.  Their products speak for themselves.  Delivery was scheduled for that following Thursday because the mattresses were not in stock and had to be made.  Makes ya feel kinda special that your mattresses have to be made...LOL!  Delivery was smooth and my son loves his bed.  I will buy ALL of my mattresses from TMM as long as they are in business." - Delishea D.



"Guys. Texas Mattress Makers. I had a great experience at this place, but I decided I would wait to review it until the mattress proved its quality. So two years later, I can say that on top of the great service, and the patience of the staff as I tried out almost every mattress within my general price range, that this place makes high quality mattresses. I had researched mattress reviews online before decided to try out this place, and after trying out the options and talking with the staff, I walked out with an awesome pillow top mattress and box spring for less than the hard as a rock or no support mattresses were (without the box spring) at any chain or online mattress store I had seen. This place is worth a visit." - Jennifer Daughtry



"I had such a great experience buying a new mattress here. I was planning on going to one of the big chains, but I thought I'd check on Yelp first. I immediately saw this place and the wonderful reviews and had to experience it for myself. I found the mattress I wanted with the help of Armando (phenomenal salesman!) within 30 minutes. Armando was for informative and friendly, and I felt no pressure to buy immediately at all. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to improve their sleep and life. Can't wait for my mattress to be delivered! 

9/23 My bed was delivered yesterday, and I've had the BEST night of sleep I've gotten in a long, long time. I chose the Dublin queen size, and it is a perfectly firm cloud! I love my new bed. Thank you Armando and Texas Mattress Makers! Phenomenal investment." - Tony T.



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